A new challenge for NEM Power-Systems in the Middle East

One of the biggest integrated water and power projects to be built in the Arabian region is scheduled to provide a capacity of around 2,500 MegaWatts (MW) and more than 130 mlgd (million gallons a day) of potable water. This...[more]


NPS supporting large project in the Middle East

NPS is going to furnish three exhaust gas bypass systems and further equipment for a large polyethylene plant in the Middle East. Delivery of the NPS scope is scheduled for the end of 2015. There is a consortium leading the...[more]


New Challenge for NPS

In order to expand an existing power and desalination plant located in the Middle East, new gas turbine and heat recovery steam turbine generators will be built and put into operation. NEM Power-Systems has been awarded a...[more]


A new Challenge for NEM Power-Systems!

NEM Power-Systems has received an order to deliver four bypass systems for a new co-generation plant in Southeast Asia. The co-generation units to be built will be able to produce more than 1,000 megawatts of power and nearly...[more]


NPS delivering 3 bypass systems to the Far East

In November this year NEM Power-Systems won an order for delivery of 3 bypass systems and equipment to a project in the Far East. This project will involve existing water and power facilities as well as the development,...[more]


NEM Power-Systems scores new contract in South America

End of September NEM Power-Systems signed a contract with an Asian customer to deliver four GT exhaust gas stacks to a South American power plant. The stacks will be part of a completely new power plant currently under...[more]


NPS involved in an important Project in the Middle East

A consortium of several partners is going to implement a huge water and power project in the Middle East region, accounting for a considerable percentage of the country’s installed power generation and desalination capacity....[more]

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