Diverter Damper for Gas Turbines Type UP

Diverters for gas turbine systems can be applied in various configurations depending on customer requirements. The most common design is the toggle arm driven diverter for CCPP. The reliability of hundreds of delivered diverters proves the high standard of the NPS design.



  • Diverts the gas turbine exhaust gas to the HRSG or to bypass stack as required
  • 100 % tight “man-safe“ sealing in combination with a guillotine type blanking plate
  • Slower heating up of the HRSG whilst gas turbine runs on full load



  • Open/close, stepwise and fast emergency closing duty
  • Standardised design for many different types of gas turbines
  • High sealing forces due to toggle arm kinematics
  • Low seal air needs
  • Minimal effect on the heat balance


Size: up to 64 m²
Temperature: up to 670 °C
Pressure: up to 100 mbar
Materials: carbon steels, stainless steels
Actuation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
Insulation: internal (standard), external

Hydraulic power unit (HPU) comprising fully automated control