Guillotine Damper

Guillotine dampers are generally used when space limitations don't allow for longer damper casings. As stand-alone solutions, this damper type will often be used in coal fired power plants, where high ash accumulation has to be handled. Almost the full cross-section of the duct is available once the guillotine blade is fully retracted, causing a very low pressure drop.



  • Isolates a duct section for process or maintenance reasons
  • 100 % isolation is achieved with seal air
  • Actuation forces conveyed by robust rack&pinion or chain design



  • Short face-to-face length
  • Low pressure drop
  • Low seal air requirement
  • Closed bonnet design avoids condensation



Size: up to 100 m²
Temperature: up to 650 °C
Pressure: up to 150 mbar
Materials: carbon steels, stainless steels
Actuation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
Insulation: internal, external