General Information on our Louver Dampers

Louver dampers supplied by NPS are robust flow control and shut-off devices used in air or flue gas ducts for all kinds of industrial applications.

NPS designs and builds louver dampers in accordance with the plant-specific parameters and clients' individual specifications. Louver dampers are supplied in various designs, dimensions and shapes e.g. square, rectangular or circular.

The actuation can be manual, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic.

Different construction materials are used depending on the operating temperature and pressure, abrasive or corrosive environment and other process conditions as specified by the customer.

Louver dampers can be built as single or double louver versions and are designed with either internal or external insulation.

Depending on the operating conditions and on the required degree of tightness, the seal design can be selected from different seal arrangements. Double louver dampers with seal air injected in between both blade planes provide a 100 % tight barrier against gas leakage.

The damper blades have a stiff and shaped design which can be adapted to fit distortion resulting from duct forces acting on the damper casing.