Off-Shore Damper

Off-shore dampers are implemented on oil and gas rigs all over the world isolating, modulating or diverting the turbine/furnace exhaust gas flow.


  • Control and/or isolation of flue gas to the WHRU (waste heat recovery unit)   



  • Off-shore industry, oil rigs, etc. 


  • Defined control characteristics
  • Reliable and rugged damper designs
  • Low space requirements
  • Actuation by small compact electro-hydraulic or pneumatic drives



  • Diverter dampers with internal or external insulation
  • T-boxes with mechanically linked louver dampers
  • Side-by-side louver dampers
  • Various louver damper configurations



Size: up to 20 m²
Temperature: up to 670 °C
Pressure: up to 150 mbar
Materials: stainless steels
Actuation: pneumatic or hydraulic
Insulation: internal, external