Stack Damper

Stack dampers are commonly used in a wide range of gas turbine power plant applications.



  • Stack shut-off
  • Rain water protection and drainage



  • Prevents cooling down of boilers during short shut down phases
  • Overpressure relief in case of process upsets
  • Short delivery times


Used in: 

  • HRSG stacks 
  • Bypass or exhaust stacks



  • The 2-blade damper version has been completely standardised for round stacks in combined cycle gas turbine plants.
  • Actuator electrically driven
  • External Insulation
  • External limit switches to monitor blade position


Other versions:  

  • 4-blade design
  • Square or rectangular stack damper
  • Internally insulated stack dampers



Size: up to 65 m²
Temp. range: up to 600 °C
Pressure: up to 75 mbar
Materials: carbon steels, stainless steels
Actuation: electric, pneumatic or hydraulic
Insulation: internal, external