Scope of Supply

An exhaust gas system typically involves:

  • horizontal transition duct from the gas turbine diffuser to the elbow or diverter
  • expansion joints, as cold/cold or hot/cold connections between the ducting elements
  • stack
  • emission ports
  • aircraft warning lights
  • hot gas silencer in the stack
  • structural steelwork
  • ladders and platforms
  • actuation, instrumentation & control systems


The stack and silencer housing are designed as self-supporting structures. The silencer splitters are filled with GT quality noise attenuating material in fully enclosed pillows.


The ducting and stacks are internally lined with high quality insulation material which is retained by stainless steel liners. The insulation material is typically "bio-soluble" and not classified as hazardous according to EC Directive 97/69/EC.

Ancillary equipment e.g. aircraft warning lights, emission ports, vibration absorbers and/or stack dampers for locations with high rainfall are supplied on a project-by-project basis.