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NEM Power-Systems (NPS) is a global player in the design and supply of all types of dampers necessary for the Power and Environment Industry, where a tight shut-off or good control is required. Exhaust stacks and bypass systems incorporating diverters and silencing equipment for gas turbine plants are included in our product spectrum.


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NEM Energy B.V. (, one of the world’s largest producers of heat recovery steam generators (HRSG) behind gas turbines, acquired the business activities, including the rights, patents and design information gained over 50 years experience, by the former Stober+Morlock company in Recklinghausen, Germany in 1997.


NPS was set up as the centre of competence within the NEM group for bypass stacks and damper systems. In the continuation of the business activities from the former Stober+Morlock, the STOBERKLAPPE® type design is used.


We - at NPS - are a team of highly motivated international professionals, supporting our clients with a wide range of tailor made products and individual services.


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Today NPS supplies:

  • Complete bypass systems including ducting, stacks, silencers, diverters or T-boxes with louver dampers
  • Exhaust systems with elbow, silencer, stack and expansion joints
  • Stack dampers
  • Diverters and flap dampers (toggle-arm or pivot types)
  • Guillotines and blanking plates
  • Dampers for off-shore applications
  • Single louver dampers
  • Double louver dampers
  • T-boxes with linked dampers
  • Twin-blade louver dampers
  • Twin-seal louver dampers
  • Safety dampers
  • Special dampers for marine and naval applications
  • Tunnel & ventilation dampers
  • Actuation, instrumentation, control and ancillary equipment
  • Installation and commissioning activities
  • Service, maintenance & support for all above listed products
  • Spare parts


The acknowledgement of our technology and the worldwide success is recognized by our customers.